Whether you are filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the process may be confusing. When you file, you need an attorney who understands every letter of the law to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes when you do file. Failing to secure a lawyer could mean that the courts fail to recognize all of your rights.

Do you have questions about bankruptcy? Are you unsure if you need to hire an attorney for your upcoming bankruptcy case? Chances are that you do. This guide will tell you why hiring a bankruptcy is ideal in your case.

Lawyers Help You Determine Your Eligibility for Bankruptcy

In many cases, people are not necessarily eligible for bankruptcy even if they think they are. In fact, you might actually find that there are other options available to you with the right resources.

In many cases, your lawyer will help you figure out which chapter you need to file under as well. Understanding the nuances of the different chapters of bankruptcy can be difficult to understand without specific legal understanding.

Lawyers Help You Determine Which Debts You Can Discharge

Not all debts are exactly the same. Some are not eligible for discharge. For instance, you will be unable to discharge student loans in the vast majority of cases. When you have questions about what you can discharge, your attorney will understand bankruptcy laws for each category.

In the event that your home, car, and other property are part of the discharge, you need to know if you will be able to keep the items. You need to know if you need to plan for repossession of the items.

Lawyers Advise You on the Consequences of Filing for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy rules and regulations will affect many aspects of your life in the months to come. It does not disappear after your court case. You must understand the impact bankruptcy will have on your credit in the years to come.

Lawyers Explain to You the Laws of Bankruptcy

Even completing and filing forms can take a lot out of you. While bankruptcy forms are out there for the public to peruse and print on their own, this is not something you should consider doing blindly. For instance, your specific court might have additional requirements.

Hiring a lawyer, such as from Haven Law Group, P.C., is imperative to your success not only during the bankruptcy but also afterward. Your lawyer will help set you up for success.