Before you file for bankruptcy, you are most likely in quite a bit of debt and your credit is probably maxed. You may have missed payments or been late a few times on your payments meaning your credit score is not exactly ideal. Once you file your bankruptcy this credit score is not going to be much better, so you're going to need to do some work to get your score back up again. Read on for tips to repair your credit after you've filed for bankruptcy.

Clean Up Your Credit Report

Take a look at your credit report and clear up any discrepancies. If you have things listed that should not be on your report or should have been taken off contact the creditor and then the credit bureaus to have these items removed. Some items may still remain after they have been paid off, but they should be taken off. You can call the credit bureaus and ask that these be removed. Look through your credit report carefully and clear out anything you can.

Keep Up With Payments

Any bills you have remaining after you've filed for bankruptcy need to be kept up with. Pay your bills on time and be sure you are paying the amount due so you don't end up back in debt like you were before you filed for bankruptcy. Paying your bills on time is also a great way to build your credit. Constantly paying late and missing payments will cause negative marks on your credit report and will lower your credit score.

Make Small Charges To A Credit Card

If you still have an open credit card make some charges to it and pay it off immediately. If you don't have an open credit card, open one and make small purchases on it. These small purchases and then paying them off right away will help your credit score as well. Don't charge anything too high that you can't pay off within the same month, only pay for thing like gas or your morning coffee, then pay them off immediately. If you can't control your spending on your credit card, then don't attempt to use it at all.

Your credit will be affected before you filed for bankruptcy and even after you've filed. It's your job to repair your credit after bankruptcy. Keep up with your bills and don't fall back into bad spending habits. Also, consider seeking bankruptcy lawyer services if you suspect there are problems with your case.