Whether your business has been piling up unimaginable debts or you haven't been working for some time, you can use bankruptcy as an excuse to save your financial life and get a fresh start. This doesn't mean that you will get a magical solution to your financial problems — it only offers a second chance to get things in order. 

Having a bankruptcy lawyer by your side will make things easier since you'll be getting help from someone who understands the ins and outs of bankruptcy law and the required procedures. Below are signs that it's time to get a bankruptcy lawyer.

You're Almost Losing Your Home or Car

You may find it difficult to pay for your mortgage or car loan if you're deeply in debt. This may cause you to lose your house or car to repossession or foreclosure, which won't be fair since you have made some payments before. If you are facing this situation, you can opt to file for bankruptcy to hold on to the house and car. 

However, you cannot do this blindly. You will need a bankruptcy lawyer to guide you. For instance, they can opt to save your home using Chapter 13, which allows you to organize debts and get into a payment agreement for the next several years. By this time, the creditors will not be able to repossess or foreclose. You will keep the house after completing the mortgage payments.

Your Credit Card Balance Is High

Credit cards come in handy when you need to finance your lifestyle, but this only works for some time. Paying your minimum balance for some months may be easy, but once you surpass that balance, things will get complicated. 

Moreover, paying for the whole balance may not be realistic or possible. If you realize the credit card balance is high and it's impossible to pay it off due to your financial situation, you will need to get a bankruptcy lawyer. 

You should also contact your lawyer if you use this card for daily expenses like paying bills and buying groceries. This means you are making choices you cannot sustain and need help before you sink deeper into debts.

Your Creditors Are Harassing You Constantly

Whenever you start getting constant calls from your creditors every day or receiving threatening letters about your debt, you should talk to a bankruptcy lawyer. The lawyer will recommend filing for bankruptcy to stop these harassments. Once this is done, you will stop receiving scary calls and letters. The lawyer will also help you avoid ugly outcomes if the creditors have sued you.

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